Examining Some of the Best Online Roulette Variations and Which Ones You Should Try


When you start to play games online or in person there are many choices available to you. You could play poker, blackjack, or you could give roulette a try. However, if you are new to online gaming sites you might be surprised to hear that there are many variants of the most popular games. Notably, there are many roulette variations for players to give a try.

Roulette is a great game for players to play, especially when it is played online. However, playing the standard version of the game can get dull very quickly. This is especially true for players that have been playing roulette for years. Fortunately, there are many roulette variations for players to try out. These variations have popped up in different areas of the world as people all over the planet make adjustments to the game. These innovations make the game more fun in the long term, and they increase the amount of time you will be willing to play. Here we will look at some of the craziest and most fun roulette variations.

European Roulette

Before we get into some of the craziest roulette variations, we thought we should look at the most common roulette variation, European Roulette. This variation can be found at online and in-person casinos. The change made to the standard game is that a single zero is added, which results in a house edge of 2.7 percent. This lowers the house edge significantly from what it is in the standard version of the game. Additionally, there are some versions of the European game that have special call bets. It is also common for European games to have different graphics from site to site.

American Roulette

Another one of the most popular roulette variations is American Roulette. This version of the game adds an extra slot to the wheel. This slot is the 00 slot. However, even with the added slot, the payouts remain the same. So, in this version of the game, the house edge ends up being 5.26 percent. This is one of the highest house edges you will find among all roulette variations.

It is pretty common to find American Roulette in casinos and on gaming sites in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Since the house has such a big advantage in this version of the game, it is not recommended that you play it unless you do not have a choice. If you are playing online there is no reason to play the American version because you can always find a site that has different roulette variations.

French Roulette

The final traditional roulette variant is French Roulette. Of the three traditional roulette variations that we looked at today, French Roulette is the version that you should play because it gives the player the best odds to win. It is similar to European Roulette because it only has one 0 slot. However, it is different because all losing even chance bets pay the player back half of their bet. This means that if you bet $10 on Black to hit the 0, you would receive $5 back if it missed. While this is not as good as winning, it will certainly be good for you in the long term. Your losses will be reduced, and you have the same odds of winning. As a result, you have a great chance of making a profit when you give this roulette variation a try. The only downside is that there will be a small adjustment period because the table layout is different, and all the labels are in French. However, once you have played for a little while that will not be an issue for you.

Marvel Roulette

One of the most fun roulette variations for players to try is Marvel Roulette. If you want the opportunity to win some money while playing with your favorite heroes, you should give Marvel Roulette a try. You will see iconic heroes like Spiderman, Hulk, and Iron Man as you progress through the game. Each time you click an image you will see a new Marvel hero.

Furthermore, the game has a Marvel slot that gives you a bonus round if you bet on it and the ball lands on it. In the bonus round all the reels change to Marvel characters. Spiderman provides players with the largest payout at 100x your original bet. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to win massive progressive jackpots withs several online gaming sites contributing to the total prize. However, you should note that the odds of winning such a large payout are incredibly low for players.

Live Roulette


No matter what roulette variations you try, you might have this feeling in the back of your head that not everything is fair. You do not have anything to fear in most cases, and you might realize that, but that will not eliminate that feeling from the back of your head. When you have that feeling it can take a lot of the fun out of the game. It would be great if there was some way for you to know that games are fair and safe. Fortunately, that is what you get when you play Live Roulette.

In Live Roulette a real wheel, table, and ball are used to ensure that the game is fair. The site has a high-quality webcam that shows everything clearly, so players know that everything is above board. You can see exactly what is happening at all times, allowing you to play confidently knowing the game is fair.

Multi Wheel Roulette

If you find one wheel boring, you should give one of the more interesting roulette variations a try. Multi Wheel Roulette has multiple wheels spinning at the same time. Some sites will have up to six wheels spinning at once, whereas others might only add one. There are also extra tracks, giving players many chances to make big bets.

When you play Multi Wheel Roulette, you need to make a bet on all of the wheels in play. So, if you make a $1 bet on red when there a six wheels, you will bet $6, $1 for each of the six wheels. Multi Wheel Roulette is more for fun than it is for consistently making money. Having multiple wheels makes it difficult to manage your money and apply a winning strategy. As a result, if you are seriously trying to win money, you should try out another one of the many roulette variations.

Triple Bonus Spin

IGT is one of the best software developers for rated UK online casinos, and when you go to one of their sites you will find the Triple Spin Bonus roulette variation. There are many sites that have the double spin bonus variation, but the triple spin is much rarer. When you play this roulette variation and the ball lands on the additional bonus slot, your bet is held and placed for free on the next three spins. You are then able to keep whatever you win. This is obviously great for the player, but the sites know this, and they have put some measures in place to keep the house edge. As a result, the triple spin bonus reel has a 0, 00, and 000 on the bonus slot. This reduces your odds of winning dramatically compared to more traditional wheels.

Roulette is a great game, but it is not necessarily made for winning money consistently. There are strategies you can employ and things you can do to win more consistently than you would if you were going off your gut feeling. However, the game is ultimately a game of luck. As a result, when you are playing you should look for games you think are fun, and for the roulette variations that have the lowest house edge. There are many excellent roulette variations out there, and we have discussed many of them above. You will have a great time if you give any of these roulette variations a try.