Looking at the Best Strategies to Help Players Win Consistently at Live Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games at online and in-person casinos. It is a game of luck where players spin a wheel with a ball in it and they try to predict where on the wheel the ball will land. However, while the game is fun, it is not a game you can consistently win at like poker or even blackjack. That being said, we will take you through a strategy guide where we will look at some of the things you can do to improve your chances of winning.

When you are playing roulette you are not keeping with your opponents or even the dealer like you do in poker and blackjack. Instead, all you need to do is try to predict where the ball is going to land. If you can do that consistently, you will be a big winner. The problem is, where the ball lands is completely random. That is even more true in live roulette as the game is completely fair. Here we will take you through our strategy guide so that you have the best chance of winning at live roulette.

Familiarize Yourself with Live Roulette Myths


Live roulette is one of the oldest games there is. It has always been a staple of online casinos, and as a result, it has a long and prolific history for both players and the casinos. There have been many stories of success over the years, but there are also many stories of failure. Successes and failures both contribute to the myths of the game. It is important for new players to familiarize themselves with these myths so that they do not get sucked into believing things that are not true.

Myths usually develop as a result of players making excuses for their losses. They want to find something to blame after they lose their money. A lot of the time they blame their losses on rigged wheels. While that can sometimes be true, that is not the case in live roulette. Even online live roulette uses a live camera to prove that everything is fair.

These days many players try to claim that live roulette wheels are biased, which results in them landing on specific fields more often than others. Players will then place more of their bets in that section of the board, giving them a better chance of winning, or so they believe. This is ultimately not the case; it is just a myth. You do not want to adjust your betting strategies to try to win more as a result of these myths. Instead, stick to our strategy guide and the betting strategies we will discuss.

Look for the Best Roulette Variations

With live roulette having existed for such a long time, it should be no surprise to hear that there are many variations of the game. People and casinos from different parts of the world have made adjustments to the game to make it more fun. There is an American, European, and French variation. Additionally, there are many variations to roulette online that make the game much more exciting. You want to seek out the variations that provide players with the best chance of winning. European roulette provides players with the best odds of winning because they do not have the 00 field. Many of the same things can be said for the French variant.

Make Sure You Understand the Betting Odds

This section of our strategy guide focuses on betting odds and the importance of understanding them when playing live roulette. Like with anything, it is important to understand betting odds if you are going to be successful. However, since betting odds are very different from site to site, you need to make sure you familiarize yourself with the odds every time you switch sites or games. The odds affect the payout you can receive. As a result, players need to understand betting odds to find games that are worth playing, and which are best saving for other players.

Find the Betting System That Works for You

Getting into the most important section of our strategy guide, if you are going to be successful long term in live roulette, you need to find the betting system that works for you. There are three major betting systems that you can choose to use, each of which works equally well. These systems are based on mathematical calculations and equations that optimize when to bet and what to bet on. Here we will look at those three betting systems so that you can choose which one is best for you when you play live roulette.

  • D'Alembert System - The D'Alembert System is an even-money betting system, and it works very effectively with roulette. When you lost a bet, you will increase your next bet by one. However, when you win you will reduce your bets by one. With this system you can come out on top consistently.

  • Fibonacci System - Another system we will look at in our strategy guide for live roulette is the Fibonacci System. This system is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. In this sequence, the next number is always the sum of the previous two. Even money bettors will use this system so that they can win and lose proportionate amounts.

  • Martingale System - The final betting system available to live roulette players is the Martingale System. It takes some time to get the hang of, but once you do it will be very helpful. With this strategy, players are able to successfully recuperate their money after a losing streak. The basic concept of this system is that they double their bet after each loss. As a result, if you win you will make back the money you lost from the previous bet. Conversely, when you win you are supposed to reset your bet size to the amount you started with at the beginning of the session.

Avoid Getting Frustrated and Set Betting Limits


Like with anything you are trying to do well, it is important for you to avoid getting frustrated when you are playing live roulette. There will be times when you are playing where you will be losing. Wins will seem impossible to come by, and you could easily get frustrated. If you are going to employ the betting systems, we discussed above in our strategy guide, you need to calm down and avoid getting frustrated. Frustration is something that has doomed players in all sorts of games. It makes you make bad decisions that you would not do under normal circumstances.

A good thing to do to avoid making mistakes when frustrated is to set betting limits. If you get to the point where you have lost a certain amount of money, you need to take a break. It is important that you set that limit before you start playing so that you can easily stop when you get to that point. This way you will avoid putting yourself in a negative situation. If you are making mistakes while frustrated, everything you have read in this strategy guide will have been useless.

Live roulette is a great game with variations that many people from all around the world play and enjoy. However, it is not a game that you can win consistently in the long term. The best you can do consistently is break even. So, if you enjoy live roulette and you want to play it more often, you should employ one of the betting strategies we discussed above. These strategies will help you break even, allowing you to play the game on the best rated casinos in the UK as much as you like.