A Strategy Guide to Help Players Transition from Online to Live Blackjack


Live blackjack is a complex game that requires a lot of knowledge of strategy to succeed. It is not likely that you will walk up to a live blackjack table for the first time and walk away with a boatload of cash. Instead, it is far more likely that you will lose everything that you put on the table. So, you should do some studying before you start playing for the first time.

To succeed at playing live blackjack you will need to dedicate time to studying and playing. You cannot just study or just play, you need both to succeed. In our strategy guide for live blackjack players, we will look at a few major concepts you should familiarize yourself with to succeed. These concepts will help new players, and they will help players that are transitioning from online to live blackjack. If you are a new player remember that you are going to lose before you start to win. You will not immediately be successful, so you need to be comfortable losing a little bit of money at the start. However, if you stick to it and keep practicing, you will be a successful live blackjack player in no time.

1. Find a Table with a Minimum Bet No Larger than Five Percent of Your Bankroll

The first thing you need to do before you start to play is find a table. You should be looking for tables that have a minimum bet that is less than five percent of your bankroll. Ideally, you want the minimum bet to closer to two or three percent. When the minimum bet is lower you have more opportunities to bet. Having more opportunities to bet means you have a better chance of succeeding if you are a skilled player. You see when you are playing live blackjack or any card game your skill is not demonstrated by any one hand. Instead, your skill is demonstrated by your success over a large sample of hands. So, if you have more opportunities to play, you will have a higher chance of success.

2. Sit the Farthest from the Dealer While Playing One Hand at a Time

If you are trying to optimize your live blackjack strategy, you need to observe the game while it is happening. Lots of live blackjack strategy revolves around your knowledge of which cards are in and out of play. The player furthest from the player acts last, and as a result, they get to know the most about which cards are in and out of play. With this knowledge, you will have the best chance of making an informed decision. Furthermore, you should try to play one hand at a time, especially if you are a new player. Playing one hand at a time allows you to focus on what is happening, and it will reduce your errors.

3. Never Believe That You Are Due for a Win

A common mistake many new players have is that they get a little superstitious. When they are on a cold streak, they might think that they are due for a win. If you fall into this thinking pattern you will be bound to lose more money. Players that think they are due for a win tend to increase their bets and play hands incorrectly. Remember, the cards do not care whether you are on a hot or cold streak. What happened on the last hand has no impact on the current one. Even if it might seem like you are due for some good luck, you are not owed anything.

The odds of a coin being flipped 10 times and landing on heads every time is extremely low. However, if it has already landed on heads nine times, the chance it will land on heads the 10th time is still 50 percent. Keep that in mind when you start to think you are due for a win in live blackjack.

4. Ignore What Other Players Are Doing

Another important thing to keep in mind as we continue our live blackjack strategy guide is that you should ignore what other players are doing. The only thing you need to know about your opponent is which cards they have. Which cards they have will have a small effect on how you play because it affects which cards are in and out of the deck, but what they do is unimportant. How they play has no impact on how you should play. Remember, you are playing against the dealer in live blackjack, so worry about the dealer and not your opponents.

5. Study Blackjack Charts

If we could tell you one thing in our live blackjack strategy guide, it would be that you should study blackjack charts. The internet is filled with charts for every iteration of blackjack you could think of. These charts tell you what you should do in almost every situation you could think of. You will not always win by making these moves, but that does not mean that they are not the most optimal play. When you are choosing your chart, you should look for one that has the same number of decks as the dealer will be using when you play. Strategies vary based on the number of decks in play.

6. Do Not Take Insurance Bets


If you know how to count cards it can be a good idea to take insurance bets. However, if you know how to count cards you probably do not need to read our strategy guide. As a result, if you are reading this you should avoid making insurance bets. Insurance bets are rip-offs and experienced players no that, which is why you usually only see new players make them. Insurance bets have odds of 9:4 when the dealer is showing an ace. This means that if you made 13 $1 bets you would win four of them. So, you would lose nine of the bets and walk away down $5. So, as tempting as the bets might be to make, you should avoid them at all costs.

7. Find a Table That Pays 3 to 2 and Where the Dealers Stands on Soft 17

In this section of our strategy guide we will look deeper into the importance of table selection. Live blackjack is not like poker where you are playing against other players, you are playing against the dealer. The dealer is the house, and the house has an edge in blackjack.

Players have a very small window that they can exploit to consistently win at live blackjack, and if you are not careful you can lose that edge with table selection. Rules in live blackjack vary based on table selection, and certain rules are better for the player than others. You want to look for a table that pays 3 to 2 and where the dealer stands on soft 17.

8. Try to Stay Alcohol Free

As we finish up our live blackjack strategy guide, we will discuss the importance of playing sober while you play at any UK online casino. We know that you might go to play live blackjack for fun, and you might want a drink. However, if you are playing seriously and you want to win, you should stay sober. Alcohol will have you making poor decisions that you would not normally make. You will lose focus, and you will be unable to perform to the best of your abilities.

As we wrap up our strategy guide for live blackjack, you should have a better idea of how to play now than you did when we started. Live blackjack is a difficult game to master, and one that is hard to be profitable in. Your window to make money is not as large as games like poker, and as a result, you need to have a reliable strategy to succeed. Card counting is an option, but if you are caught you will be kicked off the premises in most cases. So, you should stick to blackjack charts to help you play to the best of your abilities.