8 Popular Games Online to Try Out in 2022

Popular Games Online to Play

Ever since it went online, the online gambling industry is thriving. There's a myriad of new gambling operators and the client base keeps growing by the second. As such, numerous betting games are being made and released by lots of reputable software developers.

Ever wondered what the most popular games online are? We've come up with a list of 8 of the most in demand UK online casino games to help you decide on what to play at your local casino.


Blackjack is arguably the most popular betting game on the internet. Unlike lots of other games which are centered purely around luck, blackjack somewhat depends on your decision-making skills, making it even more exciting and exhilarating.

Apart from that, blackjack is considered to be a very simple game to learn by many, with very few guidelines. The goal of the game is to just beat the house to the number 21. It's perfect for players who love a game filled with thrills and spills.


Popular Games Online to Play United Kingdom

Slots is another game not to be missed. Walk into any brick-and-mortar casino or visit any online casino and you'll find loads of slots. People do really love slots and that's why they're so popular. They give you thrilling gameplay and the chance to win huge amounts of cash in a flash if you pursue one of the massive progressive jackpots on offer.

Another plus is that there are tons of slots available, especially at betting sites. With the chance to select from several hundred themes, you won't get bored anytime soon.

Video Poker

This game is just like making your regular 5-card draw game electronic. As opposed to taking on other players, you simply need to put together the best possible hand. You just place a wager before every hand and you win based on the strength of your poker hand. As such, the stronger your poker hand, the bigger is your win.


Roulette is yet another very simple game to play. It's an easy to learn, slow-paced game. One of the chief reasons it's such a hit is due to its simplicity. All you've got to do is select a number you believe the ball is going to land on after spinning on the wheel.

After selecting and placing a wager on your numbers, you drop the ball and spin the wheel. If the ball falls on any of your numbers, you've won.


In this game, you're given a card that's numbered 1 to 80 and you have to pick 20 numbers and make a wager. Later on, the casino selects and randomly calls out 20 numbers. If they call out your numbers, you win.


In this game, you're given cards containing a 5X5 matrix, with each column represented by each of the letters of the word "BINGO". Your aim is to try and match the numbers randomly picked with the ones on your cards. To win, you must be the first to form a linear pattern.

Scratch Cards

Popular Games Online to Play

In scratch cards, you scratch the card to show the reward on the card. You instantly win the prize that appears once you've scratched the card. This game requires no skill at all.

Lottery Games

Lottery games depend on luck, too. Most people play lottery games when they think they've got a higher chance. In these games, you pick numbers and hope and pray that the numbers randomly selected will match those on the tickets you hold.